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How Much Does An Intruder Alarm Cost

How Much Does An Intruder Alarm Cost

Do you need to find out how much does an intruder alarm cost? These alarms have become popular in British homes since the 1970s, and the fact that you can install the security systems in the wireless form makes them even more popular and preferred. The burglar alarms have reduced theft in many homes with a huge percentage.

With new technology inventions, it has become quite easy to maintain security at home. This is with the use of the burglar alarms which are equipped with the door entrance or at the window area.

What are the costs of installing the burglar alarm systems?

The installation of these alarms differs depending on the customers needs and preferences and the company hired. Also, some alarms are quite straightforward such that you can install them on your own without it becoming necessary to hire a technician. But if the alarm system requires the attention of a technician, you will be required to spend roughly between 125 to 300 pounds.

The cost is also determined by the system you choose since if you opt for a system with video and audio, you will be needed to spend 175 to 350 pounds. The system that requires monitoring costs between 99 pounds extra although some may come with additional charges for servicing which are estimated to be from 15 to 45 pounds.

Which is the best burglar alarm on the market?

There are a wide variety of alarms on the market to choose from, and their prices are charged according to the features they have. The following are the common burglar alarms to buy.

The bell alarm.
This is the alarm that alerts you there is a burglar by ringing for a while. The alarm rings like a siren and the sound can last up to 20 minutes or more.

The alert alarm.
The alert alarm is set in a way that once a person gets into your house without authority, it will immediately notify you. In some cases, the alert alarms are equipped with siren sounds or multiple notifications where it alerts more than one person regarding the current incident. The notification can be done in the form of ringing, a message or you can connect to an app that turns on immediately it detects an unusual entry in the house.

Monitored alarm.
These are the kind of alarms operated by security services whereby they get a notification if there is a burglar in your house. Then once they get a notification, the alarm operator will contact you to inform you about the burglar.

If you don’t find this method to be efficient, you can connect the system with a nearby police station such that if a burglary occurs, the nearest police officers will be notified. The majority of the alarms are fixed in the door area where there is an electric connection. Note that some alarms are packed with backup batteries to make sure that they continue to function even if you have a power outage in the house.

Types and features of burglar alarms.

This is the type of burglar alarm which rings immediately after it detects a person in the monitored area. If you want to protect people from getting close to your door at night, this alarm will be set and marked to monitor the door from a particular time of the night. Therefore, if someone gets close to the door from that time, the alarm will start to ring immediately.

So, if you want to use this type of alarm and you have someone in the family who gets home late, it is always advisable that he or she set the alarm off before getting to the door to prevent it making the unnecessary siren noises. This could be done via a Smartphone or any other device that you can connect the alarm to.

Wired or wireless?

Wireless systems are connected to the sensors with the use of WLAN or WIFI connection. They have to be connected to other devices like the Smartphones or a tablet for proper monitoring. Majority of them are powered by batteries that are quite durable and are equipped with notification alarm which immediately alerts you when the power is running low.

The installation of the wireless alarms are charged according to the number of sensors used to operate as a device with 2 to 3 sensors will cost between 125 to 300 pounds. If you want the device to alert more people, the price will also increase since more sensor devices will be required to be installed. More expenses may be incurred with this kind of alarm if you opt to use a mobile phone or a landline for monitoring and alert service.

Other extra services that you may need include the addition of sensors or a key fob which switches the alarm on and off instead of using a password. These services may need you to pay about 40 to 110 pounds.

Burglar alarm installation cost.

The cost of installing the burglar alarms is determined by many things. First off, it is influenced by the kind of alarm sensors available in the house. Also, if you opt for a wired alarm, the cost will be higher since there will be wiring services to be done by the installation company.

The majority of the wired alarms may cost from 400 to 800 depending on the distance that the cabling will be done from the alarm to the sensor area.

The cost of the monitored alarm.

The cost of installing the monitored alarm is estimated to be between 100 to 200 pounds. Accessories fitted with this kind of alarm include; one alarm panel, two sensors, window or door contact, and a key fob for controlling the function of the alarm.

You may also be required to pay a maintenance fee monthly which will cost you between 15 to 45 pounds. For those who wish to have the police monitored alarm installed, the cost will also be high as it ranges between 300 to 700 pounds.

Therew are other factors which effect how much an intruder alarm Costs. Other additional accessories like sensors or key fobs may add the expenses with 40 to 110 pounds. Another charge that you will be charged on top of this package is the monitoring services by the installation company.